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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Regulating Video-Sharing Platforms: A Guide to the New Requirements

Ofcom has published a guide to the new regulatory requirements for UK-based video-sharing platforms (VSPs).

VSPs are a type of online video service where users can upload and share videos. They allow users to engage with a wide range of content and social features.

Under the new regulations, VSPs must have appropriate measures in place to protect children from potentially harmful content and all users from criminal content, and incitement to hatred and violence. VSPs will also need to ensure standards around advertising are met.

The guide is designed to help UK-based VSPs understand their new obligations and sets out Ofcom’s approach to carrying out our new duties.

We will engage with potential VSPs to assist them in understanding the steps they should take to ensure compliance. We will also be developing and consulting on further guidance on the risks of harm to users and the measures services should take to mitigate them.

We understand the Government’s intention is that VSP regulation will be in place until such time as the new Online Harms regime comes into force.

See the guide via this link.


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