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Friday, May 31, 2024

Roku Introduces Shopify Checkout to TV Streaming

TV streaming platform Roku, the leading  in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, has announced a North American partnership with Shopify that allows viewers to purchase products from Shopify merchants directly from their TV via Roku Action Ads.

When an ad for a Shopify merchant appears, viewers can press OK on their Roku remote to learn more about the product and purchase it directly from their TV. They can make purchases using Roku Pay, Roku’s payment platform, and return to their streaming experience once the purchase is completed. Buyers will receive an email confirmation of their order directly from the merchant once the transaction has been processed.

Seamless Checkout Experience with Roku Action Ads

In this latest integration with Roku Action Ads, Roku provides a seamless checkout experience for ads streamed on the platform. Roku Action Ads are advertisements on Roku streaming devices that offer a down funnel action, such as sending users a text, scanning a QR code, or making a purchase. Integrating Shopify purchases into Action Ads marks the first commerce integration for independent Shopify merchants on TV streaming, opening up a new advertising channel for Shopify merchants. Men’s apparel brand True Classic, the game-based connected rower Ergatta, and wellness brand Olly are among the initial partners.

“Introducing a Shopify purchase experience to television for merchants is an industry first. Roku democratises access to TV advertising, and now, we’re streamlining the funnel for Shopify’s merchants. This exemplifies Roku’s unique platform position to make advertisers unmissable across the streamer’s journey, from power on to purchase complete,” said Peter Hamilton, Senior Director of Ad Innovation at Roku.

Offering a superior purchase experience for customers and having sound channel measurement are critical to True Classic’s success,” said Paige Decker, Vice President, Growth at True Classic. “Roku Action Ads address both these needs, providing a seamless path to purchase for customers while allowing us to measure the impact of this strategy with the end-to-end Shopify integration. Merging performance-based tactics with the scale of TV is a win-win, and we are excited to explore Roku’s innovation,”

This unique experience shortens the advertising funnel from brand awareness to purchase on the largest screen in the home. Shopify advertisers gain more customer data and insight into purchasing trends, plus point-of-sale access to Roku’s audience. This marks a significant milestone for Roku’s ongoing commerce partnership with Shopify. Now, viewers can purchase directly from the screen.

“Shopify’s mission is to improve commerce for everyone. By partnering with Roku to make Shopify Checkout available through new channels, we are making it easier for more brands to drive deeper engagement with shoppers and reach new audiences,” said Mani Fazeli, Director of Product, Checkout at Shopify.


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