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Friday, May 31, 2024

SCA Audio Reach Amplifier Reports – Impact and Value of Total Audio

As inflationary pressures impact media budgets and ROI, two new reports from SCA’s insights division, SCAiQ, reveal that ad-supported audio adds as much as a huge 18 percentage points of additional reach to screens such as TV and BVOD.

Audio Reach Amplifier explores ad-supported audio’s ability to increase a campaign’s scale and better impact the total marketing funnel, and analyses the value of audio in companion reports for Total Audio and Digital Audio.

Ad-supported audio includes commercial radio, streaming live radio, streaming music, and podcasting.

Audio Reach Amplifier has found that 16.8 million Australians are listening to ad-supported audio every week – with 49 percent listening via the internet, 40 percent listening on mobile devices, and 24 percent via smart speakers.

Ad-supported audio reaches 84 percent of the critical 25-54-year-old demographic, who are the largest group of listeners. The report found that digital audio formats extend radio’s reach in this demographic by 24 percent more³ than using commercial radio alone.

“The current inflationary pressures on media trading, particularly TV, means that marketers need to make every dollar work harder in their campaigns. This report reveals, for the first time, an accurate picture of the cumulative effect of adding ad-supported-audio and how complementing a TV or BVOD spend with ad-supported audio inflates your reach, not your eCPM.” SCA Chief Sales Officer, Brian Gallagher, said.

Audio Reach Amplifier is the first in a series of reports, to be released by SCAiQ, demonstrating the value of audio at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Download the Total Audio and Digital Audio companion reports and sign up for the full series here. 


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