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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Senior Execs Join Space and Satellite Professionals International Board

Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) recently announced the results of 2020 elections to its Board of Directors. The SSPI membership has elected four new Directors and re-elected three Directors to serve three-year terms beginning July 1st.

Newly elected and re-elected Directors include:

  • Mike Antonovich, CEO, Eutelsat Americas.
  • Tony Gingiss, CEO, OneWeb Satellites.
  • Katherine Gizinski, Chief Commercial Officer, ManSat.
  • Christopher Johnson, President, Boeing Satellite Systems International.
  • Sharyn Nerenberg, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Hughes Network Systems.
  • Mike Safyan, Vice President, Launch, Planet.

Jeremy Turpin, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Isotropic Systems
“Members of SSPI’s Board represent the full range of our industry,” said executive director Robert Bell, “from manufacturing to launch to services, and from businesses with a long and proud legacy to new companies turning innovation into commercial success. They are driving SSPI’s mission to demonstrate the importance of space and satellite to the world and to ensure that our companies can attract and develop the talent needed to fulfill their enormous potential.”

Continuing in service on SSPI’s Board of Directors are:

  • Jonathan Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer, The SPACECONNECTION.
  • Jonathan Hofeller, Vice-President of Commercial Sales, SpaceX
  • Keith Johnson.
  • Aaron Lewis, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Government Relations, Arianespace, Inc..
  • Reza Rasoulian, Executive Advisor, Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • Nicole Robinson, Senior Vice President, Global Government, SES (President).
  • Dr. Walter Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Maxar.
  • Billie Sims, Vice President, Government Programs, Hunter Communications.
  • Thomas van den Driessche, President and Chief Commercial Officer, ST Engineering iDirect (Chair).

Elizabeth Evans of Reed Smith LLP serves as General Council. SSPI thanks outgoing Chair David Myers, President of the Communications Sector at Peraton, and outgoing director David Kagan, CEO of Globalstar, for their years of service to the association.


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