Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Sony Launches AWS-powered RIDEVU In-Vehicle Streaming Service

RIDEVU, a new service available to automakers to provide best-in-class in-car entertainment, will launch soon. The in-car platform was developed specifically for integration into vehicle infotainment systems.

Created and led by Sony Pictures Entertainment’s (SPE) new media distribution team, RIDEVU will offer consumers the opportunity to buy or rent hundreds of feature films and television series from the Sony Pictures library of premium content to stream anytime they want.

Innovative features of the in-car service include:

  • The simplest, most intuitive in-vehicle user experience.
  • Multi-screen integration for both in-car screens and other personal devices.
  • The most advanced video playback, allowing content to be streamed simultaneously on up to six different screens and devices or watched independently on each device.
  • Timed content recommendations for shorter trips.
  • Easy-to-access parental controls from the vehicle dashboard.
  • Unique service controls for all screens (those built in vehicles and on mobile devices) through the centre control panel.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Linux, among others, regardless of the connected device network.
  • Smart network data management for continuous playback wherever you are.

RIDEVU is powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, enabling smarter in-vehicle data management. The platform will also offer consumers immersive sound through DTS audio. RIDEVU can support up to 4K resolution, subject to vehicle capability.

“At SPE, we are committed to providing unparalleled entertainment experiences that seamlessly integrate with the latest in cutting-edge technology. RIDEVU is an embodiment of this commitment. The platform enables consumers to stream their favourite content while on the go, creating an elevated in-vehicle entertainment experience that is timed to their journeys and accessible from anywhere. With cars now equipped with the power and connectivity of modern computers, the potential for in-vehicle entertainment and services is virtually limitless. As we enter an era of electric and autonomous vehicles, SPE is excited to collaborate with automakers to develop new and innovative consumer services that will transform the entertainment landscape,” said Pete Wood, SVP, Digital Sales, Distribution, SPE.

RIDEVU will debut in VinFast electric vehicles starting this summer. Under SPE’s agreement with VinFast, the automaker will be able to offer purchasers of new vehicles access to a selection of hundreds of Sony Pictures’ feature films and series. Titles available to buy or rent on the platform, which are subject to change, include Spider-Man: No Way Home, Bullet Train, Uncharted, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

RIDEVU will be integrated into VinFast’s vehicles and will be also updated OTA to delivered vehicles. VinFast consumers will be able to select RIDEVU as part of their VinFast Online Premium package.

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