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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Telecom Companies Poised to Take Lead in Developing, Commercialising Metaverse Services

As the metaverse come closer to reality, telecommunication companies are in a unique position to capitalise on the trend by offering consumers a range of services in areas such as content aggregation, digital security, and device lifecycle management. With their vast infrastructures and expertise in providing quality assurance, prioritised access, and curation, telcos are poised to lead the way in developing and commercialising metaverse services that will enhance the virtual experiences of users around the globe, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Research by GlobalData’s Tech Team reveals that content offers an attractive entry point, where many telcos are already active in teasing out a tangible metaverse by delving into commercial content marketing, promotions, and services.

Natasha Rybak, Principal Analyst of Global Telecom Consumer Services at GlobalData, comments: “Attempts to monetise the metaverse are already underway. Besides supplying critical connectivity, content and entertainment are obvious paths to consumer service commercialisation for telcos already acting as the primary streaming service aggregators for their consumer customers.”

Most telcos already manage and provide end-user access to an array of aggregated on-demand video and music services, and offer tools that help to enable the creation of user-generated content and user-designed online spaces.

Rybak continues: “When business models crystallise, it is likely they will be framed in terms of direct revenue generation, in ways very similar to current monetisation approaches based on data usage, premium or privileged accessibility, or quality of service tiering.”

Telcos are looking to pave an accelerated path towards consumer metaverse acceptance by offering augmented experiences that help facilitate customer access to the evolving proto-metaverse using standard web interfaces and interfaces that are explicitly designed for compatibility with web browsers on smartphones.

Rybak concludes: “As efforts progress to pin down the evolving metaverse within the broader shift to digital living, the building blocks for future telco service modelling are already being configured for best fit.”


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