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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tencent Cloud and Boston Consulting Group in Strategic Alliance

Tencent Cloud has announced its strategic alliance with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), carrying out cooperation in a range of areas, including finance and retail, to help enterprises in their digital transformation. In the future, the cooperation will be extended to Asia Pacific and around the world to jointly explore the development of localised digital solutions.

Under the alliance, Tencent Cloud and BCG will carry out cooperation in various fields, including finance and retail, together to facilitate digital transformation in enterprises, and to provide enterprise architecture design for enterprises’ access to the cloud. In addition, talent has been a key element in digital transformation – together, both parties will offer staff enablement solutions, moving employees’ work and training online through tools such as Tencent Cloud’s AI, Tencent Agile Product Development (TAPD) and WeCom, to enhance collaboration, efficiency and creativity of employees.

In the future, the alliance between Tencent Cloud and BCG will be extended to Asia Pacific and the global market. Being one of the top five global cloud service providers, Tencent Cloud’s infrastructures have already covered 27 geographic regions on five continents. Since April 2021, Tencent Cloud has launched new data centers in Bangkok in Thailand, Jakarta in Indonesia, Singapore, Tokyo in Japan, among others, offering more localised services to local enterprises.

Apart from the launch of digital centers in San Francisco and Paris, BCG has also launched a digital center in Shenzhen, providing governments and enterprises in the Greater China, Asia Pacific as well as global customers with consulting services on digital solutions.

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