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Sunday, July 14, 2024

TPN Launches New Membership Model

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) recently announced a new multi-tiered membership model that will provide greater flexibility, efficiency and transparency to global Content owners and Service Providers in the media and entertainment industry.

The TPN membership model, accompanied by a new platform, is set to launch in February 2023. The launch marks a turning point in the evolution of the TPN program, which will now feature application and cloud content security assessments.

The enhanced platform offers even greater capabilities for Service Providers to demonstrate their security status and compliance with the Motion Picture Association’s Content Security Best Practices. TPN, which is fully powered by the MPA, is continuing to expand its offerings in response to the rapid growth in multi-layered hybrid and cloud-native supply chains and workflows.

“Now that TPN is wholly under the ownership of the MPA, we are focused on providing application and cloud Best Practices and assessments, improved usability through our new platform, and real value and flexibility to all stakeholders in the entertainment industry,” said Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association. “With the full support of our member companies, TPN is a key component of the MPA’s complete approach to protecting content in every aspect of development through distribution.”

Member Content Owners will have access to the new platform, a source of trusted information for Service Providers’ security statuses, and a new status model that enables content owners to make accelerated independent, risk-based decisions about engaging Service Providers.

The new membership model unlocks functionality that allows Member Service Providers to self-manage multiple layers of information via matrixed profiles. The platform introduces self-attestation of non-TPN certifications and self-reporting of security preparedness via the TPN questionnaire, which leverages the MPA Content Security Best Practices V5.0. Members may also continue to undergo full TPN assessments.

“After gaining support from key industry stakeholders and understanding how to build something that could serve a variety of perspectives across the media content supply chain, I’m confident that TPN will now serve as the source of truth for all Content Owners in our industry,” said Terri Davies, President of TPN. “This next phase of the program introduces efficiency and greater flexibility. It will also enhance communication and engagement for stakeholders and provide an improved user experience.”

TPN’s new membership model and platform leverage the MPA’s updated Best Practices (V5.0) framework, set to publish later this month, for cloud, site, and software application security. Critical to TPN’s growth, Best Practices V5.0 will now include cloud and application security and will provide control mapping to multiple recognised control frameworks, including ISO, NIST, SOC-2 and CCM. Control mapping facilitates an improved user experience for all stakeholders completing the TPN questionnaire and assessments.

Service Providers are key stakeholders in the new TPN membership and framework, who are strongly supporting the TPN mission.

“Content security is our top priority at Pixelogic, and we continuously reinforce our internal security efforts with expert advice and consultation from our content partner customers and third-party partners,” said Rob Seidel, Co-President of Pixelogic, a global provider of content localisation and distribution services. “The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is one of those key partners, and we’re excited about their new content protection roadmap and membership program.”

“The TPN framework provides us with a highly beneficial, standardised, measurable and industry-wide compliance and assurance baseline,” said Royston Ballard, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of DNEG, a global visual effects and animation studio. “The new revisions to the TPN framework provide us with a relevant and required reference to not only minimise our risk exposure but function as a business enabler to promote further productivity, agility and collaboration.”

“ZOO has been part of the TPN program since its inception and we are very excited to be part of the early adoption of this new launch,” said Duncan Wain, COO of ZOO. “Including a cloud component is very important and in line with the direction our industry is trending. This is a big reason why ZOO continues to support the TPN Partner Network.”


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