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Friday, May 31, 2024

TVSquared Releases TV Performance Insights for Australian Advertisers

Analytics company TVSquared has released TV Performance Insights for Australian Advertisers. The report reveals the highest and lowest performing days, dayparts, creative lengths and genres, demonstrating that early weekday dayparts, 30-second creatives and Weather- and Music-related programming had high levels of TV-driven response.

Using data from its always-on ADvantage attribution platform, TVSquared analyzed a year’s worth of TV ad spend and more than 200,000 spots. Cost, response and audience data were evaluated from brands across industry sectors, including direct-to-consumer (DTC), travel, finance and insurance. Results indicate top performance in terms of overall response rate and look at efficiency based on cost-per-response (CPR) analysis.

Key report findings include:

  • Weekday Breakfast was, by far, the strongest performing daypart, with response rates of more than 200% above average.
  • While response across days was relatively consistent, Monday won out with 7% above-average response; Saturday and Sunday proved to be the most cost-efficient days, with CPR rates of 20% below average.
  • 30-second spots led in terms of performance and cost effectiveness, with 33% above-average response and 16% below-average CPR.
  • Weather and Music were the top programming genres, with off-the-charts response, while they also had CPR rates of 65% and 70% below average, respectively.

“The beauty of TV is that it provides unmatched reach and response, and the opportunity has never been greater for marketers than it is today,” said Mark Hudson, Head of Business Intelligence, TVSquared. “Data, technology and the rise of platform-backed insights are changing the conversation around TV, making it more about outcomes and performance. While performance is going to look differently for every advertiser, these insights illustrate that consistent measurement and optimization are key to ensuring that TV drives impactful, ongoing response, whether it’s sales, website traffic, app activity, search, registrations or any other KPI.”


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