Monday, April 22, 2024

Vizrt, AIS Business and VMware to Offer Cloud Solutions to Thai Content Creators

Vizrt, the provider of software-defined visual storytelling solutions for media content creators, has announced it is working with AIS Business 5G and VMware to offer customers in Thailand cloud-based solutions to create and manage media assets for broadcast.

Traditionally, broadcasters have preferred on-premises solutions to produce and manage content. However, as the industry evolves towards unlocking the benefits offered by software, IP-video and the cloud, Vizrt is enabling cloud-based solutions that help storytellers create new ways of working.

Vizrt’s solutions include Vizrt Live Production, a complete cloud-based production solution, and the IP video standard NDI.

Vizrt is partnering with AIS Business to develop a robust workflow that gives customers the flexibility to deploy on-premises and then seamlessly step to the cloud as and when required.

The architecture of the AIS Enterprise Cloud with the largest nationwide network connectivity and 5G makes it easy for customers to adapt their capabilities at will by spinning up and down systems very quickly, greatly reducing time to deployment. For example, broadcasters could use the cloud
environment if they need additional capacity to handle a temporary event. They can also set up a temporary disaster recovery studio in the cloud in a few days, instead of building out a physical studio, avoiding the two to three months for shipping of the hardware and cabling of the space that would be required in a traditional model.

As Vizrt has been running its software on the VMware platform for many years, it is straightforward for the company to move to the AIS Enterprise Cloud, which supports VMware solutions natively.

Vizrt’d Live Production fully exploitd the latest NDI  5 capabilities, including connectivity across both WAN and LAN networks, running onsite and in the cloud on the same sync, audio-over-IP integration with digital audio systems, and the ability to bring in any camera with a browser as a source, from anywhere in the world.

“When you’re developing new solutions, it’s important to have a trusted partner to work with,” said Straker Coniglio, General Manager, Vizrt APAC. “VMware and AIS are obvious partners for us because they’re leaders in their industries. As the leader in our industry, we want to work with fellow leaders to provide that high level of support and trust to customers.”

“We want to help our partners put their innovative solutions on the cloud so they can have access to new customers or offer existing customers more flexibility,” said Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS Business. “Vizrt is a multinational company with expertise in the vertical markets of broadcast, media and publishing. By working with us, customers of Vizrt would have new ways of working using Vizrt solutions to accelerate their transformations with a comprehensive suite of digital technologies and services delivered by highly competent and trusted professionals.”

“Partnership is the key to success, and with the high level of trust between AIS Business, Vizrt and VMware, I am confident that this work will synergize our value propositions to help transform Thailand’s cloud ecosystem,” said Ekpawin Sukanan, Country Manager, VMware Thailand. “At VMware, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships with forward-looking organizations. Together, we can enable the local businesses and Thailand in strengthening resilience and moving faster toward economic recovery.”


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