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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Warner Bros. Discovery and Acme Innovation Unveil Cohort for Tech Accelerator Program

Warner Bros. Discovery and Acme Innovation have announced the inaugural cohort for its new accelerator program Collider On The Lot, which provides entrepreneurs with connections to investors, executive-level education, and the opportunity to partner with Warner Bros. Discovery and Acme to explore new business models utilising emerging technologies.

The promising startup companies, ranging from media platforms to software developers and digital marketplaces, demonstrated innovative, future-forward strategies for engaging fans of beloved brands and elevating digital experiences across the industry during the program’s kickoff event in September 2023 on the Warner Bros. Discovery lot in Burbank, CA.

Selected from hundreds of applicants, Collider On The Lot’s official cohort includes:

  • Feature is leading a transformative shift in the media landscape, leveraging blockchain and proprietary technologies to revolutionise content marketing, engagement, and loyalty. As a next-generation media platform, Feature’s Smart Content converts passive viewers into engaged fans. By connecting creators and brands to their audiences, Feature is increasing marketing returns and creating deeper customer relationships. Visit
  • Flawless is a leading technology company pioneering the generative AI revolution in film and entertainment. Flawless empowers storytellers to achieve their visions by providing groundbreaking post-production tools, trained entirely upon legitimately sourced data, within a breakthrough rights management system that guarantees artist consent and compensation. Honored among TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions, Flawless is the world’s first platform offering responsible, cinema-quality GenAI tools at scale all while protecting the rights and interests of creative talent in front of and behind the camera. Visit
  • Flickplay is the destination to buy digital toys and discover games and social experiences connected to them. Leveraging their mix-reality commerce and community platform, Flickplay is partnering with some of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world to commercialize digital toys, and empower fans to engage with their favorite characters in their everyday experiences. Redefining play time with their digital toys, and connecting communities of fans all around the world. Visit
  • Fr0ntierX’s software provides enterprises with intelligent data. The proprietary verification suites–including data, identity, and interaction–utilise blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to ensure information is verified, secure, and auditable. These analytics improve business logic and allow for more profitable and strategic decision making. Visit
  • Hexagram creates worlds, developing experiences and technology to bring interactive narratives and characters to life at a level of detail never before thought possible. Their proprietary world platform has already found partners and customers in branded media and some of the biggest names in entertainment and technology. Visit
  • INFLUENCE by The London Fund enables creators and IP holders to generate venture returns by transforming media to equity. Through its proprietary technology, INFLUENCE created the world’s first fifth generation media channel with over 270 billion potential impressions. Visit
  • Inworld provides a suite of tools that enable AI-powered gameplay. Inworld NPCs exhibit complex and lifelike behaviors, increasing player engagement and immersion. Distinct character personalities can be configured in minutes. AI NPCs express personalities through multimodal AI designed to mimic the full range of human expressions. Visit
  • Koobrik is an innovative automated development tool that revolutionises the way producers, studio executives, and talent representatives interact with film/TV scripts, books, and the associated data. Koobrik streamlines screenplay data management to ensure that all creative data is captured, enabling entertainment executives to read more scripts, discover stories they want to produce, and keep pace with the ever-evolving speed of the culture. Visit
  • is the leading user-generated content (UGC) solution for game studios and publishers, pioneering official UGC support across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and VR. Since launching in 2018, has gone live in more than 160 games, and powers millions of UGC installs daily. offers an automated, scalable, easy-to-implement platform for studios seeking to harness UGC in their game. The results are long-term player engagement, and a pathway to creator economies. Visit
  • Mojito, through their APIs, helps brands increase engagement, acquire new customers, and increase revenue. Mojito powers this with Web3 tech that’s invisible to, and seamless for, end customers. Visit
  • New Canvas is a next-generation media company that produces and publishes immersive entertainment for digital-first audiences with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for the Metaverse. New Canvas is focused on developing content and formats to help drive mainstream adoption of immersive media. Visit
  • Quivr is a decentralised social network that gives users access to authentic communities while owning their real online identities. Visit
  • Reveel is a payment solution for the collaboration economy. Their revenue share protocol & on-chain account infrastructure allows brands to automate accounting operations, facilitating payouts to creators, collaborators & partners. Visit

“Collider On The Lot underscores our commitment to fostering the next generation of visionaries,” said Bruce Campbell, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery. “We’re looking forward to the unparalleled growth and advancements this program will provide for both Warner Bros. Discovery and companies announced here today.”

“We’re exploring innovative approaches that will lead to long-term, lasting changes in what this business looks like,” said Mark Ross, CEO of Acme Innovation. “There is a tidal wave of technological disruption happening, and we have a golden opportunity to determine how to implement these new technologies in a responsible and thoughtful manner.”

For more information on the 13 companies, visit

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