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Monday, July 22, 2024

World Teleport Association Report Highlights Good Security Practices

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has released High Performance: Safety & Security, a new research report that shares insights about the most common under-appreciated safety and security issues at teleports and how their management can best address them.

“The High-Performance series is based on the data we have amassed from audits of Certified Teleports,” said executive director and report author Robert Bell. “These teleports operate at a high level of quality, but even they have gaps in their safety and security procedures that deserve attention. Every teleport operator can benefit by knowing what they are, so they can better protect their people and their companies.”

The report is free for WTA Members and available for purchase by others.

According to the WTA, safety and security are two sides of the same coin in the management of the complex technology and operations of a teleport. Good safety processes protect the health and welfare of employees operating amid the potential dangers of high voltage, microwaves and combustibles. In addition to being the right thing to do, it reduces disruption and avoidable expenses for the business.

Good security procedures protect the business from malicious actors, whether outside or inside the business, while offering another layer of protection for the people working for the company. Employees do not always appreciate the additional tasks that good security adds to their working day, but the potential for major negative impact on the business makes it worthwhile.

In 2015, WTA introduced its Teleport Certification program to help operators find the strengths and weaknesses in their facilities, technology and procedures and to receive independent, standards-based certification at one of four Tiers, from Tier 4 at the top to Tier 1. Teleport Certification has also generated substantial data on teleport operators from its 270-question survey instrument.


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