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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Yahoo Advertising To Launch Yahoo Backstage

Yahoo Advertising has announced it will launch Yahoo Backstage, a new offering that will provide Yahoo DSP advertisers with a direct path to curated, premium publisher inventory. In addition to Yahoo owned and operated properties, over 100 publishers have signed on to Yahoo Backstage, including A+E Networks, Dotdash Meredith, Newsweek, Raptive, The Arena Group, and VIZIO. The move supports transparency and supply path optimisation (SPO), while maximising media spend and ROI for advertisers.

Yahoo Backstage enables publishers to integrate directly with the Yahoo DSP, enhancing scale and increasing win rates on valuable and trusted inventory, which results in a greater share of working media dollars to publishers and improved performance for advertisers. Yahoo Backstage supply will be fully transparent to Yahoo DSP customers and offered alongside continued access to the industry’s top Exchanges, giving advertisers the control to make their own buying choices.

“We are laser-focused on meeting the evolving industry need, and are excited to offer advertisers a direct line to our premium publisher partners,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “With trusted publisher relationships and Yahoo’s owned and operated content, we are best positioned to provide advertisers with the most unobstructed supply path, ensuring they achieve the greatest possible results.”

“The ad industry has reached a tipping point for transparency, driving a shift towards more efficient supply paths,” said Sam Bloom, CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media. “Yahoo’s strong publisher relationships – specifically in the CTV space – bring critical scale and reach to SPO.”

“As the role of publisher data, context, and ID integrations take a larger role in driving tomorrow’s performance, we believe working closer with publishers can only benefit marketers,” said Lara Koenig, Global Head of Product at MiQ. “We’re excited to add Yahoo Backstage to our partner set, building on our agnostic ad-buying approach to deliver the best possible results for advertisers.”

In addition to the benefits for advertisers, this new offering will present significant value to Yahoo Advertising’s esteemed publisher partners. Publishers will gain direct access to quality demand through a streamlined pipeline, enhancing their existing buying paths. Publishers will also receive dedicated support from Yahoo Advertising’s experienced team, ensuring their business needs are effectively managed.

“We have had a long-standing partnership with Yahoo Advertising, and their commitment to delivering value and opportunities to the publisher community has been unwavering,” said Tom Grainger, Director of Programmatic at A+E Networks. “Their direct-to-publisher offering further solidifies their position as a trusted partner, and we are excited about the prospects it brings to publishers like us.”

Yahoo Backstage is a strategic advancement in Yahoo Advertising’s honed focus and investment into the Yahoo DSP. With Yahoo Backstage, Yahoo Advertising will continue to maintain a strong source of premium supply, while providing the most optimal solutions for the evolving advertising industry, including identity solutions for both addressable (Yahoo ConnectID) and non-addressable (Next-Gen Solutions) inventory. Yahoo Backstage will be made available to all Yahoo DSP advertisers in Q3 2023.


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