Thursday, April 18, 2024

Access Media Info On-Demand with Etere Web Lite

Designed for those who need to search and browse their media catalogue quickly without adding data, Etere Web Lite lets users take their media wherever they go.

Etere has launched a new web interface as an on-demand approach to content access, management, and multiplatform delivery. Etere Web Lite is a streamlined version of Etere Web that caters to management teams. Etere Web Lite brings faster access to information and a seamless content flow.

Etere Web Lite enables instant access to data such as asset title, year of production, genre, cast, story, and even media preview, from any web browser with a secured login. It empowers media professionals with a quick and easy overview of all assets in the media library from any smart device, including PC, tablets, and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Etere Ecosystem implements security and business continuity policies that connect teams to resources seamlessly for a more efficient workflow. Its intuitive and feature-rich web toolkit brings an integrated and secure way of accessing, integrating, and automating workflows, whether on-premise, on the field, or from home. Collaboration between distributed teams is made easier than ever.


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