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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Accurate Player SDK Delivers Building Blocks for Frame-Accurate Experience

Codemill has launched Accurate Player SDK, a market-leading set of video application building blocks, featuring an intuitive desktop-like user experience.

Accurate Player SDK is powered by the same great technology that powers the company’s Accurate.Video workflow products, while delivering flexibility for those media companies looking to build their own custom media workflows.

Accurate Player SDK is a web-based framework that can be adapted and integrated into an existing workflow within minutes. It features a number of key components including:

  • Accurate Player – an HTML5 frame-accurate professional video, audio, and subtitle player framework. Accurate Player includes advanced software functionality, a frontend component library and well documented REST APIs, for integration into any application or workflow.
  • Timeline – a visual representation of all the activated content markers associated with the asset with frame accuracy. Markers can be any metadata added manually or imported from external services such as Machine Learning, AutoQC. It gives users the ability to zoom in on the timeline, even down to an individual frame. The timeline also delivers a perfect overview of all activated audio and subtitle tracks as well as the time-based markers that highlight and distinguish portions of the video.
  • VU-meter – allows users to inspect the audio that is being played in real time without installing any non-standard software. It can be configured according to needs when it comes to audio levels, loudness warnings and visual appearance.
  • Selection Tool – offers the user smart guidelines and features to help them create the perfect poster that meets internal requirements. Users can select a region based on aspect ratios, preview the final poster together with brand logotypes using overlays, snap content to the centre and edges, and suppress black borders.

Peder Boberg, Product Owner, Accurate Player SDK, Codemill, commented: “Our product suite is designed to meet the demands of modern media workflows. However, some of our clients are looking to build more bespoke solutions, esoteric features or custom workflows. Sometimes a player is not enough. To reach full potential, and ensure comprehensive control over time-based metadata and video, there are other components that need to be put in place. Accurate.Player SDK delivers everything that is needed to build a comprehensive media player.”


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