Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Accurate.Video from Codemill

Codemill’s Accurate.Video platform allows media organisations to intuitively respond to the demands of media workflows and consolidate content operations. By utilising time-based metadata, media operators can efficiently visualise and review content, taking ownership of any corrective action.

Codemill has updated Accurate.Video to include the addition of workspaces for Ad Breaks, Video, Audio, Subtitle and Time-Based Metadata Compliance, Localisation and Content Versioning QC. This allows users to operate within workspaces optimised for the type of tasks they are performing within Accurate.Video.

There is also more support for dealing with audio. As well as the addition of the audio workspace, users can now enable virtual tracks for audio validation, and visualise audio waveforms across multiple audio tracks when performing content segmentation tasks, like compliance editing, promo creation or content localisation.

Meanwhile, Codemill’s Cantemo MAM system is now available as a subscription model with added support for remote proxy editing workflows, using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, enabling seamless integration between the editing tools and Cantemo. It also includes support for Vidinet APIs, making use of Vidispine’s cloud based Media Services platform to ingest, manage, and process media, with limitless scale.


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