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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Arcitecta’s High-Speed Data Mover Transfers Billions of Files

Arcitecta has announced the launch of Mediaflux Livewire, a metadata-driven file transfer software solution that enables organisations to securely move billions of files at ultra-fast, nearline speeds across vast global distances and high-latency networks.

Data is at the core of almost every human enterprise. Over the past 30 years, the amount of data transmitted around the globe has grown enormously, and Statista estimates the amount of data generated will approach 200 zettabytes by 2025. With today’s large-scale data growth and collaborative, multi-site, geo-distributed workflows and workforces, organisations require better ways to move data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Arcitecta is redefining what it means to manage and move data. As organisations increasingly leverage the best resources – people and systems – regardless of location, supporting the data requirements of globally-distributed work environments has raised the stakes for data management and movement,” said Jason Lohrey, chief technology officer at Arcitecta. “For more than 20 years, Arcitecta has been dedicated to maximising the value embodied in data, managing data and reducing the end-to-end time for data-driven insights, decision-making and outcomes. Now, with Mediaflux Livewire’s cutting-edge file transfer capabilities, our customers can accelerate the movement of data to make it available whenever and wherever needed – securely, reliably and at maximum speeds.”

Leveraging the Power of Metadata

Mediaflux Livewire leverages the power of metadata to optimise data movement via parallelised data transfers across latent networks and eliminate redundant file transfers. Metadata is information about the data, the hidden champion for big and complex data management. With organisations facing exponential data growth, leveraging metadata is shaping the future of creativity and business agility and empowering new opportunities across many industries, including high-performance computing (HPC), media and entertainment (M+E), higher education, government and more.

“Metadata is the most powerful tool for orchestrating a lot of data and can prove to be more valuable, and potentially even more insightful, than the ‘data’ itself,” said Alex Timbs, Senior Business Development Manager for Media and Entertainment, Dell Technologies. “That’s why when Arcitecta announced they planned to extend their data management fabric to a powerful, ultra-fast data file transfer solution, I took notice, as demand for these types of solutions in the media and entertainment industry is at an all-time high due to an increased reliance on geo-distributed talent and workflows.”

“Arcitecta has taken the magic of its Mediaflux data management fabric – metadata, automation and ease of data management – and extended it to a powerful, high-speed data mover,” said Andrew Howard, Chief Judge of the Data Mover Challenge and associate director of cloud services at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). “Data-intensive organisations need the ability to move massive data and metadata volumes quickly and securely across high-latency networks to support their distributed workflows, business requirements and growth. Mediaflux Livewire is able to move data across global networks with high bandwidth and latency to deliver file transfers at unprecedented speed, efficiency and scale – a huge win for organisations across the globe.”

Mediaflux Livewire is the high-performance data transmission system and network interconnect for Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data management fabric. It was recently awarded the “Most Complete Solution” and “Best Software Architecture” by the International Data Mover Challenge at Supercomputing Asia 2022 for its ability to move data at scale. Mediaflux Livewire delivers the following capabilities:

  • Transfers files at scale incredibly fast. Mediaflux Livewire has been clocked at over 10.5GB/s on a 100GE network and can transmit multiple terabytes of data in minutes across the globe over a similar network.
  • Transfers billions of files. Mediaflux Livewire optimally moves files regardless of size or type and scales as needed by coalescing small files together or splitting large files into optimal chunk sizes for the underlying compute or network infrastructure.
  • Transfers files highly efficiently over networks. Mediaflux Livewire works with existing network infrastructure and industry-standard protocols. It efficiently functions on shared or ‘chatty’ networks and can use whatever headroom remains in the available network with optimum efficiency.
  • Eliminates redundant file transfers. Mediaflux Livewire is an end-to-end data management system that manages the overall transmission pipeline, including storage at each end, and optimises file transfers across limited, highly-contended or latent networks delivering significant workflow efficiencies.

Perhaps most importantly, Mediaflux Livewire is part of the Mediaflux data fabric that provides customers with innovative end-to-end data management solutions that radically simplify global data management.


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