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Saturday, June 22, 2024

ATEME Launches PILOT Media – Next-Gen Media Supply Chain Orchestration

ATEME has announced the launch of PILOT Media, a cloud-native solution that brings business intelligence, workflow automation, and efficiencies to the media supply chain.

The cloud-native solution facilitates the controlled migration of production and operations to new service models – whether those be on-premise or in a public or hybrid cloud – enabling content owners, broadcasters and service providers to harness the power of the cloud in whatever capacity suits them best.

PILOT Media’s manage-by-exception approach enables business logic, metadata-driven automation for media capture, ingestion, management, enrichment, storage, and publishing. This creates efficiencies and reduces operational overheads throughout the media supply chain. Moreover, schedule-aware prioritisation of workflows ensures service-level requirements are met, while also lowering operational costs.

PILOT Media users can also expect to gain:

  • A powerful yet simple drag-and-drop workflow builder to support a nimble operating model.
  • Management insight, with dashboards updated in real time from overall operations or specific workflows.
  • Robust reporting tools which provide detailed management information to support capacity and workload planning.

Jean-Louis Lods, VP Media Supply Chain Solutions, ATEME, said, “Viewers today have more options than ever in terms of what content to watch – both on TV and on their personal devices. With this, content and service providers are facing fierce competition. We are excited to launch PILOT Media to the market as in doing so we are not only enabling our customers to compete more efficiently and maximise ROI by reducing their operational costs, but we are giving them the opportunity to create new revenue streams, for example by launching a D2C OTT service or through rapid onboarding for distribution.”


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