Friday, April 19, 2024

Cantemo Portal 4.3 Delivers More Control

Cantemo has announced the latest update to its media asset management system, Cantemo Portal. Portal 4.3 launches new features aimed at giving users more control over their media, while saving time and resources.

The audio player within Portal has had a redesign to deliver both more detail and add functionality including better playback control. Using JKL keys, users can choose various playback speeds. The audio signature is now included as part of the display, making it easy to see what is happening with the audio at a glance.

Portal 4.3 also delivers an update to the Portal Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension. Users are already able to continue working in Final Cut Pro, while Portal keeps the content organised in the background. With this update, editors have more ways to find the assets they need with new Portal collections and saved searches within the workflow extension.

Cantemo has introduced updates to its collections, making it much simpler and quicker to create and search by collections. Users can create a collection with metadata, with every asset within that collection inheriting that metadata.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, commented: “We are continually updating Cantemo Portal to ensure that our users can be as efficient as possible. These updates will help them further reduce manual effort and save valuable time.”

The latest version of Portal also features a new tasks page to give an easy overview of open tasks, as well as a Database Monitor Page. Admins can monitor and purge databases as well as see database changes over time. Admins can also time and configure purge intervals and purge directories. Third-party integrations can add more efficiency to the Portal workflow. The Rest API reference page now offers more ways to set up creative integrations. This collection of APIs makes it easy to find what you need when preparing your own solutions.


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