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Monday, July 15, 2024

Cinedeck to Demonstrate Cloud Ingest Solutions

Cinedeck will be demonstrating its latest cloud-based ingest solutions at NAB. Since the last NAB, Cinedeck has transitioned to cloud-based solutions, which have been key to enabling its customers to navigate the challenges of the past couple of years, while also opening up new opportunities to improve flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, without compromising on quality.

Launched in February 2022, Cinedeck CD2 makes it quick and easy for broadcasters and content producers to ingest raw footage ready for editing and distribution. The solution was launched in response to the industry need for greater flexibility over managing elements of broadcast production remotely, specifically ingest. Users can ingest using CD2 and distribute live thanks to Edit While Record and Playout While Record features. For non-live, ingested content can be scheduled using the Cinedeck multi-channel control app. It also enables multi-camera ingest and supports a wide range of input formats, including JPEG2000, XAVC, ProRes, DNxHR, 4K Multicam, and Cinedeck recorders. In addition, it supports all major input sources, such as SRT, NDI, 3G/12G and IP-2110.

CD2 provides a broad selection of text metadata elements that can be burned into the video image of a file while its recording. It also provides control of character out as an overlay on the user interface and the SDI video output and/or as a burn-in to the encoded video with fully adjustable position, size and colour. It is simple to integrate with other parts of the production and post-production workflow because it offers a fully customisable RESTful API.

Cinedeck Capture 2 Cloud makes it simple for users to carry out on demand cloud encoding of edit ready formats. Whether it’s a single input or multiple inputs, Cinedeck’s intuitive user interface will power through record sessions for NDI and SRT inputs. It supports on demand edit ready formats including ProRes, DNxHR, XDCAM, JPEG2000, XAVC and AVC. In addition, recorded media can be easily connected directly to the user’s Media Asset Management system and cloud-based storage.

Jane Sung, COO, Cinedeck, commented: “Cloud based ingest has many benefits for broadcasters and content producers. Not only is there a clear reduction in hardware costs, it is also extremely flexible. Its scalability enables vendors to handle data heavy jobs without investing in costly ingest infrastructure. Added to that, when managing ingest systems in the cloud, it becomes easier to integrate with other tools and adapt workflow more quickly. In current times when there is still a level of uncertainty about what is around the corner, the ability to work flexibly is a huge advantage.”


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