Thursday, May 23, 2024

CODEX Opens Up Media Vault

CODEX, part of the X2X Media Group, has released Media Vault, a high-performance shared storage solution for creative boutiques and productions looking to quickly and easily connect up internal working departments and teams to access their content.

Media Vault comes in an attractive deskside configuration and a rackmount configuration for enterprise installations. With a 4 x 10GbE interface, quickly connecting up to four workstations directly or adding Media Vault to an existing local area network is straightforward. The deskside system is extremely quiet and has been designed so that it can be located directly with the creative team or placed in a camera truck and not need additional cooling and sound isolation to be functional.

Streamed files can read up to 1,000 MB per second over the 10GbE network, providing multi-user 4K workflows for up to four users with ProRes 4444 support. As a small workgroup device for video editing, visual effects and more, Media Vault delivers a shared storage solution that can sustain high performance for multiple users.

With remote production becoming common, having a portable unit that can be used with the editorial and colour correction freelancers in support of their client’s productions is key. Jason Starne, Producer on a recent 8K RED Camera production in Texas titled Whitetail used Media Vault end to end from the original camera file ingest on location to use as the playback source for VFX and final colour in the final colourists home.

“As a Producer and Post Supervisor, I must say having Media Vault onset was crucial while making the film Whitetail,” said Starne.

Media Vault scales from 72TB to 168TB in the deskside configuration and 2-RU rack side version. Additional rackmount enterprise models shipping later this summer feature storage densities up to 336TB and higher for larger scale production back-up. With digital cameras now generating TBs of data per day, large scaled, high performance storage is a necessity.


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