Monday, April 22, 2024

Digital Nirvana Partners With eMAM

Digital Nirvana, a provider of media monitoring and metadata generation services, recently announced a new technology partnership with EMAM, Inc., creator of the eMAM media asset management and workflow management platform for broadcasters, media companies, government, and corporations. Under the agreement, Digital Nirvana’s automated, AI-driven STT transcription, subtitle, and video intelligence metadata generation capabilities – collectively known as MediaServicesIQ – integrate directly with the eMAM suite of solutions via API. This integration enables eMAM users to generate metadata automatically and link it to the assets in the platform, making it faster and easier for them to do their jobs.

“Rich media is the key for all modern organisations. Media tagging is essential for turning historical content into a living archive and for rapidly using live content,” said David Miller, President of EMAM, Inc.

The initial rollout focuses on generating speech-to-text (STT) transcripts of live and file-based content and then linking that transcript metadata to the media assets residing within the eMAM suite. Organisations have always been under-budgeted and understaffed, which makes manually tagging media cumbersome. An automated AI system is the best way to ensure vital media is properly tagged, so that eMAM users can easily and rapidly find the best media for any purpose. While eMAM boasts a full media production experience, offering tools to manage content throughout its life cycle, it had no mechanism for automatically tagging media. The integration with Digital Nirvana’s MediaServicesIQ adds this capability.

By integrating eMAM’s media management features with MediaServicesIQ’s speech-to-text capabilities, organisations can quickly produce and organise media, generating transcriptions of live-streamed or individual assets. The process is seamless and instantaneous, optimised for time efficiency.

File-based assets can be automatically or manually selected for transcription, sending them directly to Digital Nirvana for processing straight from the eMAM interface. MediaServicesIQ does the work invisibly in the background and sends the transcript metadata back to eMAM for immediate access. For live content, transcript metadata is streamed back into the eMAM interface with a latency of three to five seconds. All metadata auto-populates and is time-indexed into eMAM, where users can search and interact with it.

The capability will primarily benefit media and entertainment clients that require automated transcript metadata, but it extends to eMAM users in other industries.

“It’s gratifying that eMAM has chosen Digital Nirvana as a trusted partner to help expand the utility and value of its platform to the broader media asset management marketplace,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana. “The integration with MediaServicesIQ complements the already powerful eMAM platform and relieves a pain point for its users. In real-world terms, this partnership elevates the visibility, accessibility, speed, and productivity of the media creation process for eMAM clients.”


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