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Sunday, July 14, 2024

EcoDigital Launches ECOPro Managed Services for Advanced Media Support

EcoDigital has announced the release of ECOPro Managed Services, a new offering that delivers digital ecosystem management, storage infrastructure optimisation, and workflow improvement for users of the company’s DIVA Software Suite for digital asset management. Through ECOPro Managed Services, a team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced EcoDigital engineers conducts proactive monitoring, reporting, automation, and technology maintenance so that DIVA users can focus more resources on their core business.

“Knowing how to build workflows efficiently, properly maintain infrastructure, and refine digital asset management strategy can be a challenge,” said Geoff Tognetti, Chief Technology Officer at EcoDigital. “ECOPro Managed Services are designed to protects users’ digital assets, mitigate risks, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiencies, ultimately simplifying and streamlining digital content management so that users can spend more time on the activities that build their business.”

Allowing users to strengthen their technology strategy, increase their operational efficiency, and extend their team’s capabilities, ECOPro Managed Services enable users to get the most out of their DIVA Software Suite. The service also provides cost-effective access to engineers and other subject matter experts who not only assist in optimising storage and workflow, but also help the business grow and evolve its DIVA system. The combination of 24/7 monitoring with proactive ticket generation and patch installation minimises risk of operational downtime, giving users confidence that the right people always have access to the right assets at the right time.

“As they expand their operations, most businesses can’t afford to get bogged down by the details of adding, managing, and training internal IT infrastructure,” added David Gonce, Chief Revenue Officer at EcoDigital. “ECOPro Managed Services allow these businesses to shift from a reactive model to a proactive IT approach that better supports efficient content creation workflows and frees up resources to grow and take advantage of new business opportunities.”


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