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Monday, June 17, 2024

EditShare Advanced Security Capabilities Safeguard Trailerhaus Valuable Feature Film Content

EditShare recently announced that Germany’s leading editorial creative facility, Trailerhaus, has revamped its media management infrastructure and security measures to meet new TPN security standards with EditShare workflow solutions. Turning out more than 300 theatrical trailers and editorial projects for the German-speaking market, the facility features EditShare’s EFS media engineered shared storage platform coupled with EditShare Flow for workflow media management.

Known for its world-class creative work, the Trailerhaus post-production service offering has attracted every major production studio as well as a wide range of independent filmmakers across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When researching its next-generation media management infrastructure, Trailerhaus Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Norbert Keil, put security alongside performance at the top of their list of requirements.

“For a facility like ours, security is priority number one. It’s as important as being known creatively. Stolen content costs clients millions of dollars and is the end of your business. And today, for our industry, the biggest risk is not so much cyber as it is the people that have access to the content and the lack of protocols around how they are supposed to handle, modify and distribute the material.” Keil elaborates, “It is good to have organisations like the CDSA and MPAA identifying best practices and TPN defining security standards that we can all follow. It gives our clients peace of mind that we are implementing the highest degree of security measurements. It also gives vendors like EditShare a path to develop the capabilities we require such as the digital audit trail.”

Trailerhaus opted for the EditShare EFS with file auditing capabilities, a security best practice as defined by the CDSA and MPAA.

While many of the current security layers focus on blocking physical, internal and external access to critical media access, EditShare’s EFS Auditing capabilities focus on answering “Who did what to which files and when did they do it?” EditShare file auditing operates as part of the file system itself. As such, it ‘sees’ all user behaviours including all login and logouts and all file opens, creations, modifications, movements, and deletions. The intuitive dashboard provides media professionals with an easy-to-interpret real-time visual snapshot of all project and content activity.

“When we first started, we could only trace logins on PCs. With EditShare file auditing, we are now able to trace content movement back to exactly who did what and when. It’s simple to use and it is airtight,” adds Keil. An existing EditShare customer, Trailerhaus invested in EditShare shared storage for its project sharing capabilities, a core capability that provides the performance, reliability, and collaboration needed in a secure environment.

“Facilities like Trailerhaus are under immense pressure to implement highly secure solutions, yet the wide range of options out there tend to limit performance and creative collaboration,” explains Rob Adams, VP WW Sales at EditShare. “We recognised early on that security was incredibly important and the available solutions were not addressing what the creative market requires and how they work. Our security features were designed to support media workflows, fulfilling critical security layers as outlined by guiding industry organisations MPAA, CDSA and TPN.”


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