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Thursday, June 20, 2024

EditShare Announces Support for AWS Media Intelligence Solutions

EditShare has announced support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, providing customers with the ability to maximise the value of their content through enhanced metadata and scalable production capabilities. EditShare FLOW, a media management platform, includes API integration with AWS Machine Learning (ML) services that allow the simple addition of robust media capabilities such as transcription, translation and video analysis right into the production pipeline.

AWS MI solutions are a combination of AWS AI-powered services that empowers customers to easily integrate AI into their media content workflows.

The EditShare EFSv and FLOW platforms provide a cloud-based video production environment that supports industry-standard third-party creative tools for video editing and workflow management. These capabilities are now expanded to allow customers to quickly and easily leverage machine learning with the FLOW production asset manager. AWS services like Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Translate allow EditShare users to increase the value of their content by unlocking what’s inside of it and making it discoverable. API integration with FLOW provides that environment to make content searchable, reusable and more valuable.

“Increasingly, our customers are pivoting from simple editorial and publishing workflows,” says Stephen Tallamy, CTO of EditShare. “They have significant investments in their video assets and they want to make their media discoverable, structured, and ready for telling their next story. The AWS Media Intelligence solution allows FLOW users to easily enrich their content and make it accessible during the production process and out through the archiving process.”

EditShare continues to build upon its innovation in cloud video production and its focus on building out an extensible, API rich, production environment. Our customers demand openness and flexibility, and EditShare is committed to continually meeting those expectations.


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