Sunday, May 26, 2024

Etere Enhances Media Search with AI and Facial Recognition

With the all-new AI-powered facial recognition, Etere MAM enables automatic metadata indexing. Etere MAM expands its search parameters to include facial recognition, bringing a new efficiency level. For example, users can launch a search based on an artist’s profile image in personal data. This new facial recognition licence is available as an add-on purchase for all Etere MAM users, and the number of licences needed corresponds to the number of files you need to scan concurrently. It is available as an on-premise solution and does not require additional hardware to run.

The new AI-driven technology uses facial recognition to analyse individual scenes in the media library and produce a list of matches in seconds. The advanced facial recognition technology works even for media files with low lighting and obscure angles. The technology gives users greater control over a large media library. Furthermore, it makes it easier for broadcasters to search for and repurpose media files to create better content for their audiences. The new integration expands the list of smart features available in Etere MAM, including those that allow users to automate tasks, gain insights, improve operational efficiency and media quality.


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