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Monday, June 17, 2024

Etere Moves to VOD – Etere MAM Manages VOD Content

From programming to rights management and metadata enrichment, Etere MAM provides an integrated and automated strategy for your business that is perfectly scalable to meet your growing non-linear programming and advertising needs.
Video-on-Demand (VOD) services have redefined the need for faster, more efficient and flexible delivery of content. Without the constraints of a traditional static broadcasting schedule, VOD enables media consumption on the move and offers viewers the control of how, where and when they can consume media. Browsing, tagging, storing, retrieving and distributing files in a large media library can be a challenge for today’s broadcasters who manage multiple platforms and distribution channels.

Encoding Multi Bit-Rate Content for Up to Full HD

Etere prepares your media files for distribution with multi bit-rate encoding capabilities of up to full HD for content viewing on all platforms and devices including computer, tablets and mobile.

Generate MPEG Dash Files and Manifest

The dash manifest breaks all the content of a file into a sequence of small segments which are served over HTTP. It contains all the information necessary to download and present content.

Delivery with Protocols Optimized for HLS Dash Formats

Etere supports delivery optimised for HLS, also known as HTTP Live Streaming. It is used to stream live videos over the internet and it is supported on almost every device, making it one of the most commonly used formats in streaming today. HLS delivers content via standard HTTP web servers and it does not require any special infrastructure. Furthermore, HLS plays video encoded with the H.264/H.265 codecs.

Automated QC and Transcoding Processes

Etere integrates automated file transcoding and quality analysis workflows that can be applied to ensure video quality is automatically optimised. Etere ensures content meets the highest standards before being delivered.

Managing Metadata for a Perfect VOD Interface

Etere’s rich and flexible metadata structures unlocks the potential to discover, repurpose, share and distribute assets. Besides a complete integration of essential metadata including loudness, duration, format version, stream size and format, Etere also enables the insertion of flexi-metadata that adds value to your assets. The integrated tools to manage metadata enrichment brings about the freedom to customise the content discovery process.

Managing Encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Etere supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) which prevents unauthorised use and piracy of content, a prerequisite for many streaming platforms. DRM works by encrypting the content so that it cannot be read without a decryption key provided by a third party DRM platform that includes license servers. When a user tries to play a video, the video player requests a key from a license server. The server determines whether the user and device are authorised, before issuing a license response with a decryption key. The player can then decrypt and play back the content for the user. Etere features full compatibility with all the major DRM systems in the market including Google, Apple and Mircosoft. Etere is a one-stop solution for all your VOD requirements!

Deliver Video, Images, and Trailers to Streaming Platforms

Besides having a good content discoverability, trailers play an important role in generating interest amongst potential audiences. Trailers are precise cuts of videos that are created to captivate audiences and improve viewing rates for a program. Etere includes the capability to generate, manage and deliver trailers for VOD content. Operators can also insert trailer images to improve their promotional campaigns. Etere provides efficient software tools so that you can focus on creating and distributing content.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) provides broadcasters with a more efficient solution to upload, manage, modify and distribute videos to multiple VOD platforms from a single interface. Driven by a centralised database that makes uploading, managing and distributing of videos easy and straightforward, Etere redefines a new level of efficiency with its application and web-based tools that allows broadcasters to drive their VOD workflows from any location, even while on the move. Etere streamlines content preparation and simplifies the handling of multi-language content distribution for both linear and nonlinear assets. As a result, production capabilities are maximised, operations are simplified and costs are kept down.

Etere MAM integrates the software tools needed to simplify the complete VOD content management. Using the robust Etere T-workflow design tool and workflow monitor, broadcasters are able to design, automate and monitor workflows in real-time. Etere promotes collaboration amongst multiple users working across distributed departments to generate and distribute content for VOD platforms. In addition, Etere MAM gives you the flexibility to manage versioning of assets with automatic hierarchical assets structure that makes it easy to retrieve, share and distribute content.

Automated and Customisable Content Workflow Management

From ingestion to enrichment and distribution, Etere manages all your VOD workflows effectively. With the integrated Etere Resource Manager, you can generate orders, track tasks, monitor expenses and resources without switching screens. What makes the results so effective is the real-time updates which allow task statuses and processes to be reflected in real-time. For example, ingest tasks can be assigned by workflow or manually. Once an operator takes up an assigned task, the task is no longer available to others. Furthermore, Etere integrates with Active Directory to manage user authentication across multiple departments with cross-functions. Each user can be assigned a unique profile with rights assigned according to their stations and functions.

Fast, Flexible and High-quality Content Delivery on Multiple Platforms

Etere MAM speeds up your content delivery to multiple VOD platforms with a robust web management console that lets you take your workflows wherever you go. Etere Web integrates information across multiple departments and enables operators to manage their workflows even while on the move. Etere Web supports all core functionalities of the Etere software application and it can be accessed on any web browser via a secured login. Etere MAM on web allows real-time content browsing, retrieval and editing on any smart device including tablets.

Control Exact Deliveries of Thousands of Files Using Checksums

With MD5 checksum capabilities, there is assurance that the content is exactly the same and the wrapper is error-free even after moving and archive retrieval. Based on verification on the MD5 algorithm, the MD5 checksum feature is one of the most commonly used signature methods to ensure that a file that has been moved is not corrupted or modified each time it is moved.


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