Thursday, May 23, 2024

Etere Transcoder Adds Transwrapping

Etere has announced a free upgrade included in ETERE 32.2 Etere Transcoder – a Transwrapping feature that allows transcoding without re-encoding.

The new feature enable users to trim a local file, capture a network stream to a local file, or transcode a list of files in a single file of the same or different container. In this process, the software extracts data packets from a source and the same packets can be used to create new frames in the output file. Subsequently, when the packets are processed within a single thread, they remain unchanged.

The Transwrapping Technology can be used when there is no format change between inputs and outputs. The technology allows around 50 times faster processing, and also has no quality degradation in comparison with traditional transcoding.

The software update is a free release for all Etere users on a support contract.


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