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Tuesday, June 25, 2024 Unveils v3.6 and Beta of Transfer App for Remote Workflows

Video review and collaboration platform,, has announced the launch of v3.6 (pictured above) along with a brand new application: Transfer, now available in beta (pictured at bottom). v3.6 offers new features designed to meet the fast evolving needs of today’s remote workforce, with a particular focus on speed and security. The expanded toolset addresses demands for lightning-fast project downloads with the Transfer app, adds enhanced and powerful security features like Watermark ID for Enterprise accounts, and continues to improve the overall collaborative experience with additional new features like iOS Offline Mode and Folder Sharing that make the most intuitive workflow solution for video and creative teams.

“It’s always exciting to announce new features and updates to But today, we’re facing a world where these updates are not just nice to have, they’re necessary components to keeping our customers’ businesses and livelihoods pushing forward,” states Emery Wells, cofounder and CEO of “ Transfer, combined with even stronger security, smarter notifications, iOS Offline Mode and more, equips users with a powerful toolset that we hope will make their lives easier.” Transfer Beta for Mac and Windows Transfer is a brand new file transfer app for both Mac and Windows. Available in beta, Transfer lets users download large files and sophisticated folder structures—even entire projects—with one click. It supports EDL and XML formats, so users can identify specific files, accelerating the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX. Transfer also makes it possible to monitor active downloads and to drag and drop to reprioritize their order. Finally, Transfer facilitates fast and secure downloads, regardless of unstable internet connections; if there’s a disruption mid-download, Transfer pauses and automatically resumes once reconnected.

“Transfer was originally slated for release later this year, but as a response to the profound shift in the way we’re working and the tools our customers need immediately, we’re releasing it in beta today,” says Wells.

Sharing Is Even More Secure & Streamlined

Remote work has brought many new challenges, not the least of which is ensuring that high-value content is shared securely. Enterprise customers can now secure Presentation and Review Links using Login-only access, which means that only specified recipients can view Share Links. Recipients will see a list of everything that’s been shared with them in’s new Inbox, which offers a clean and focused view that’s especially useful for busy clients or executives.

Realtime & On-demand Security using Watermark ID

Also announced in v3.6 is Watermark ID, which provides customers the ultimate layer of visible security. When any viewer presses “Play,” completes a realtime, on-demand transcode of the video with their personal identifying information burned into every frame. A two-hour video starts playing back in less than two seconds, providing peace of mind when sending work out for review.

Folder Sharing and New Move/Copy-to Flow

Finally, users can now add folders to Review Links, allowing them to easily organize and share assets across teams or projects. Any changes made to folders after they are shared are dynamically updated in the Review Link. This is especially useful for teams who produce episodic content or programming that relies on a library of media. also made it faster, easier, and more intuitive to organize assets with an improved “Move-to” and “Copy-to” flow.

With this update, users will now be able to see all the Presentations they’ve shared and access their settings from one organized list. The display shows folder sizes so users can see which are the heaviest projects at a glance, making it easier to optimize projects and storage.

Smarter Notifications Save Users Time v3.6 consolidates notifications made on the same video within short periods of time, grouping them together into one notification. Users can filter by “Read” or “Unread,” see comment previews, and scrub asset thumbnails to easily spot what needs to be reviewed or addressed.

Go Off the Grid with iOS Offline Mode

“Offline Mode” for’s iOS apps empowers users to truly work from anywhere. Simply tap a file to make it available offline, then review and leave comments – as soon as the app comes back online, comments are automatically synced to the project.


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