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Friday, May 31, 2024

IBM Joins the Active Archive Alliance

The Active Archive Alliance recently announced that IBM has joined the organisation, which promotes modern strategies to solve data growth challenges. IBM joins a growing number of storage and IT vendors that support the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

“Many organisations are seeking an archival solution that provides their users with immediate access to their data,” said Chris Dittmer, Vice President, IBM High End Storage at IBM. “Our archive storage solutions combine Exabytes of storage with geodispersed technology and built-in encryption for data integrity and confidentiality. We are excited to join the Active Archive Alliance and to help promote solutions that deliver rapid data search, retrieval, and analytics.”

Active archiving enables organisations to gain value from retained data quickly. It is a high-value, scalable storage architecture that grants fast access to archival data across a virtual file system and manages data between storage systems and media types typically based on user-defined policies.

IBM’s active archival solution, the IBM Cloud Object Storage System, provides a software-defined hyperscale and cost-effective solution for AI workloads and big data primary and secondary storage. Customers use its solution across the globe for modern workloads such as AI, analytics, IoT, video and image repositories and cloud storage for service providers, including IBM Cloud.

“We’re pleased to welcome IBM to the Active Archive Alliance,” said Peter Faulhaber, Chairman of the Active Archive Alliance and President and CEO of FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. “New applications such as AI, machine learning and IoT are increasing the value of data and driving intense interest in active archive technologies. The Alliance is dedicated to bringing the best of breed technologies together to provide end users with active archive solutions for intelligent data management.”


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