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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

iconik Adds Transcription and Annotation Features

iconik has added transcription and draw-on annotation features to the latest version of its cloud-based media management hub. iconik allows organisations to securely manage, edit and share their media remotely, using a single interface for both local and cloud-based assets.
The transcription feature uses AI to convert audio dialogue to text, and attributes it to a speaker. The transcriptions are displayed as closed captions in the iconik player but are also visible in formats which separate the text by speaker or display individual lines of text against a time code. With the transcription function, users can search through all the spoken dialogue stored in the asset’s metadata. This enables them to easily search for the best clips of an athlete, actor or location, just from audio mentions.

The iconik review and approve function, which enables teams to feedback on projects remotely, has been enhanced. The draw-on annotation feature includes free-line and shape-based drawing tools, a colour chooser and a select and move tool. This enables reviewers to visually manipulate and draw directly onto single frames of video and images. These annotations help the reviewer to quickly clarify any amendments they are requesting. The annotations can be turned on and off when the user previews the content. This helps teams to communicate changes visually, in addition to time-based comments.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, commented: “Adding the transcribe feature will save our users a lot of time. Previously, transcribing content could require half a day to deliver, but now our users can have this in an instant. By adding drawings to annotations, we are also making it easy for creatives to visually convey their comments, even if they are working remotely. Ultimately, these latest enhancements will help teams collaborate around their media more efficiently, something that is vital in the current landscape.”

The iconik team has also implemented some additional enhancements. Folder uploads allow for many files to be uploaded to iconik at once. Azure Blob Storage support has been added for uploads, downloads and the iconik Storage Gateway (ISG). The cloud scanner in iconik can now support partial scans offering more control over the management of cloud resources. Collections can be transferred while maintaining their directory structure, ensuring consistent asset organisation. Finally, the iconik links have been shortened to streamline the sharing process.


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