Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iconik Delivers Updates – Efficient Content Collaboration for Remote Teams

iconik has launched new updates to its media management tool, which will allow remote users to collaborate more effectively. Iconik is built for any organisation creating, managing and distributing any type of media files. The latest version of iconik offers teams more scope to seamlessly create content, manage storage and keep their media content secure.

Iconik allows professionals working remotely to share, edit, review and approve media content together, wherever they are based. Teams remain in complete control of access rights and the iconik interface enables users to restrict or permit access to content as needed. Each area of iconik is assigned its own rights and new updates help users to manage access more efficiently.

Parham Azimi, CEO, iconik, commented: “Video has become more important than ever before. Companies of all types and sizes are using it to engage with their consumers in a meaningful way while social distancing and work from home regulations remain in place. At the same time, creating, editing, and distributing videos with remote teams can be challenging. Iconik makes that simple and the latest updates make that even easier still.”

The latest version delivers:

  • Easy-to-manage access rights:

Change the access rights for specific media files at any time.
Enable your media to inherit access rights from parent collections.

  • More storage functionality:

Choose how to scan storage, especially important for companies managing multiple cloud and on-premises storages.
Set priorities for transfers and transcodes in the iconik Storage Gateway.

  • Clear overview of different file formats:

Files panel that shows all the files and formats for an asset in one easy-to-understand overview.

  • Improved transcription:

Added support for Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese
Ability to manually divide and attribute AI generated transcriptions as required.

Iconik is used by a wide range of companies to better manage their media, from small teams of freelancers to large broadcasters.

Visit https://iconik.io

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