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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Imagine Introduces Economical, High-Availability Storage with Latest Versio IOX

Imagine Communications has further developed its storage portfolio with the addition of Versio IOX Express NAS, providing broadcast and production facilities with a high-availability shared storage solution that enables on-air scalability and pay-as-you-go expansion at a very attractive price point.

The ability to manage a system from tens or hundreds of miles away is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Versio IOX Express offers all the tools needed for simple and effective storage management, whether onsite or working remotely. The solutions are offered in bundles of predefined capacity and bandwidth and are delivered with software and hardware ready for immediate deployment, reducing the complexity and effort of onsite time. For 24/7 broadcasters, Versio IOX Express provides a flexible path forward, enabling easy scaling of capacity or bandwidth – without having to take the system off air.

“Our goal in developing Versio IOX Express was to hit all the technical requirements we know broadcasters demand, but do it at an unprecedented price point,” said Steve Reynolds, president at Imagine Communications. “With the latest addition to our IOX portfolio, we can now offer our customers affordable, high-availability storage, delivered as defined, packaged solutions with all the software installed. All they need to do on site is connect the network and start delivering content.”

Powered by the EditShare EFS solution, built on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) enterprise-grade hardware, Versio IOX Express is designed to sustain prolonged operation in the most demanding environments. True shared storage access eliminates the need for resource-intensive asset transfers, making it ideal for fast-turnaround environments such as news and sports. Coupled with the parity stack and RAID protection, Versio IOX Express guarantees the fastest client recovery time of less than 20ms, providing effectively uninterrupted service to on-air playback servers or editing applications.

Versio IOX Express is offered in predefined bundles, allowing users to choose capacity and parity stack topology to suit their needs. This simplifies the order process and makes pricing transparent. Users can choose from a single device, relying on the internal RAID-6 protection; a 1+1 configuration with stack mirroring; or a high-availability N+1 single-stack parity architecture. Available options include configurations that provide as much as tens of gigabits per second of assured bandwidth across the network, even during degraded or rebuilding modes, guaranteeing the performance required in high-pressure applications.

Versio IOX Express NAS is available now.


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