Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Learn the Pitfalls of Consumer Online File Sharing and Sending Services

When media professionals get fed up with cumbersome solutions, such as FTP, they often jump onto unsanctioned online platforms leaving IT out of the loop. Online file sharing services like Dropbox, Box and WeTransfer are user-friendly and are appropriate for some simple business applications but are they holding your media business back, or worse, putting your business at risk?

When it comes to mission-critical content and the complex workflows of modern M+E companies, these services are too limiting and could be leaving your business exposed.

Read the eGuide, The Pitfalls of Online File Sharing and Sending Services, to learn:

  • Why IT organisations find them unacceptable.
  • How these services’ lack of storage options limit your control and access.
  • Why you may be putting your business at risk by using them.
  • What industry-leading alternative you should consider for your media business.

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