Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Manifold Cloud Tier-1 Live Production Platform

arkona technologies GmbH and Manifold Technologies, providers of IP core infrastructure solutions for top-tier broadcast productions, have come together to provide a Tier-1 live production core infrastructure service-based ecosystem built on private cloud COTS infrastructure. Called Manifold Cloud, its core architectural concept is that of an on-demand configurable pool of shared resources allocated within a private cloud environment. Simply put, Manifold Cloud is designed to provide “The benefits of cloud, for Tier-1 live production.”

Manifold Cloud, is a 100% software solution which runs on COTS FPGA accelerators.

Designed for Tier-1 clients Manifold Cloud is capable of handling the most demanding live sports, entertainment and news productions while at the same time providing the benefits of scalability, resiliency, quick deployment and unified control.

The capacity and performance of Manifold Cloud scales linearly depending on how much compute is allocated and utilises COTS FPGA accelerators which takes advantage of the fast development cycles of chip and server manufacturers while at the same time lowering the capex investment required.

Manifold Cloud benefits inlcude:

  • COTS hardware – 100% software solution utilising FPGA accelerators from multiple COTS vendors.
  • Scalability – Manifold Cloud scales with the total aggregated bandwidth of all the accelerators in a cluster. As of the current generation COTS FPGAs reaching 1.6 Tbps per RU Manifold Cloud can for example handle up to 512 x 3G multi-viewer sources in one RU and continues to scale linearly as more compute is added.
  • Service-based architecture – Each service is dynamically allocated to one of the available hardware accelerators and operators, using a single-sign-on web UI, operators simply request the functionality needed which is then created in Manifold Cloud and presented to the user.
  • Resiliency – Manifold Cloud services are virtualised on top of the underlying compute hardware and are automatically restored in case of failure.
  • Integration of legacy systems – Manifold Cloud services can also run on top of arkona AT300 PACs which provide easy ingress/egress to legacy SDI systems while at the same time performing processing services such as multi-viewing or up/down/cross conversion. No need for dedicated SDI gateways that only perform SDI/IP conversion.
  • Unified control – Simple control through centralised web UI and RESTful API.
  • Quick deployment with Infrastructure as Code – Easily create Manifold Cloud clusters and create services specific to the demands of a particular production. Save and Load complete cluster configurations to set up complete core infrastructure chains in minutes.
  • Secure – Rigid security and authentication based on proven IT standards.

With current COTS FPGA processors capable of up to 1.6Tbps per RU Manifold Cloud offers up to 128 UHD services in a single RU and scales linearly across a private cloud infrastructure.

arkona Technologies and Manifold Technologies are represented in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Magna Systems & Engineering. Call +61 2 9417 1111 or email sales@magnasys.tv

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