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MEDIAGENIX puts FAST Channels and Media Networks in the Driving Seat

At the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas, MEDIAGENIX will showcase how Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON puts media companies in the driving seat of a lean content supply chain. Particular focus will be on the benefits WHATS’ON brings to Media Networks and the rapidly growing Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) segment. Among the new applications that will be highlighted are  WHATS’ON Marketplace and web-native SaaS module WHATS’ON Strategic Planning.

Standing out from the FAST crowd

Tim Waddingham, Senior Business Development Director MEDIAGENIX, said: “Promising as the FAST distribution model may be, it is a daily fight for eyeballs, premium ad placements, and prominence on a broad range of FAST platforms. The challenge is to stand out from the FAST crowd, create scale, and ensure a stable source of ad revenues. For this to happen, quality content needs to be packaged and scheduled to high standards across a diverse range of platforms.”

MEDIAGENIX has designed WHATS’ON so that media companies can manage high-quality content scheduling across various distribution channels to maximise the monetisation potential of that content while minimising operational costs. The platform makes it easy and profitable to create targeted, ad-funded linear content streams that meet viewer and advertiser demand. New channels can be launched fast and utilised on additional FAST platforms without significant impact on the existing operational capabilities.

Sharp efficiency improvements for Media Networks

The promise of sharp efficiency improvements of up to 80 percent never fails to draw Media Networks to the MEDIAGENIX booth.

Emmanuel Müller, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX Americas, said: “Media networks need to tackle growth challenges by creating an efficiency foundation across all layers of the organisation. This foundation enables them to implement the configurability and flexibility needed for economically sound content distribution across multiple platforms. It also allows them to keep a strong focus on audience engagement and a healthy return on their content investments.”

MEDIAGENIX advocates that the whole content supply chain should be built on three power principles: a single source of truth, touchless operations, and actionable intelligence. In WHATS’ON, each of these principles underpins software-driven workflows around content, rights, and planning. These workflows are lean in terms of efficiency and flexibility. They meet with high user acceptance as they eliminate repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes, reduce waiting times and processing complexity, and enable management by exception. All departments work in perfect sync as real-time data is put at the centre of the ecosystem, driving operations and decisions as one source of truth.


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