Monday, May 27, 2024

Mistika Workflows Boosts Media Management, UI, and DCP Transcoding

SGO has released a new upgrade of Mistika Workflows, bringing improved functionality enhancements with an even greater flexibility and customisation of media management, transcoding and delivery processes.

One new feature is Render Priority functionality, displayed as yellow triangles on the nodes that allow the users to determine the execution order according to their preferences.

“The node that is linked with its lower triangle to the top triangle of another node, will always execute first. As soon as the first task is finished, the next one will be triggered,” explained Cristobal Bolaños Lopez, Product Specialist at SGO. “This feature is very handy especially for the notification nodes, allowing users to make sure that an email is sent after the media is uploaded to the chosen delivery service.”

Another significant addition is DCP Megapack support, unlocking simple transcoding of DCP media to any codec available in Mistika Workflows. In this latest release, users will also find enhanced flexibility of colour space conversions with the Set Colour Space node, further customisation of Display Filters with the Set Display Filter node, improved labeling of various tools and better management of Audio in Move parameters.


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