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Monday, June 17, 2024

Mistika Workflows for Media Management, Delivery and Transcoding

SGO has released its first dedicated media management, transcoding and delivery application, Mistika Workflows. This software-only solution is designed to facilitate highly efficient, truly productive and fully customised media content production.

“By fully automating media management tasks and significantly reducing repetitive human interventions, Mistika Workflows importantly reduces the bottlenecks throughout the entire media content production chain,” says Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO. “Due to its easy-to-use interface it is designed to be used by all industry professionals with various skill levels. It is ideal for broadcasters, VFX or any-type of post-production facilities – in fact, anyone who needs to manage content and media.”

With this new release SGO further expands the rapidly growing line-up of natively-integrated Mistika Technology solutions, says Geoff Mills, Managing Director of SGO.

“Not only that Mistika Workflows is being powered with the same high performance engine as other Mistika Technology solutions, it also shares other industry specific feature infrastructure, which makes it an essential part of any media production pipeline – on a pay-per-use model, at an unbelievable price.”

Running on Windows, macOS and Linux, Mistika Workflows facilitates media file related workflows, including transcoding, specialised data transfers and triggering user-defined actions or scripts to make media content-production pipelines easier, smarter and faster.

Mistika Workflows extracts all the performance from both CPU and GPU to achieve fast transcoding speeds at the highest possible quality and supports the most complete set of industry-standard camera RAW formats including ARRI, Canon, RED, Sony and even 360º cameras.

It also enables automatic colour space conversion when transcoding media, adds Adrian Gonzalez Diaz, Mistika Expert.

“This helps to develop more efficient and homogenous pipelines between different operators and systems, being useful not only for color-managed workflows, but also for VFX environments or deliverables creation in general.”

Seamless automation for encoding and data moving as a whole with the Data Mover feature is also possible with example capabilities such as file copy over the network, tar compression, FTP transfers, Aspera, Signiant, and Vimeo uploads.

The addition of custom-built features is also possible using Python programming language. Python nodes can be created quickly, without most of the complexity of independent applications.

Being built on the same foundations as other Mistika Technology products, Mistika Workflows is seamlessly integrated with Mistika Boutique, Ultima and VR.

“Users can design the deliverables in Ultima, Boutique or VR and automatically send this metadata to Mistika Workflows, that can take care of all necessary transcoding and uploads. By this, the creative tool will never get stuck doing rendering jobs or other painstaking media processing tasks,” adds Gonzalez Diaz.

“Another powerful and very unique feature is the integration of Display Filters created in Boutique or Ultima that allows the user to convert any effect or group of effects in a Display Filter and (automatically) apply it in batch to all the media we want to.”


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