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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Myriad All-Flash File and Object Storage Software

Quantum is excited to announce Myriad, an all-flash file and object storage platform based on a modern, cloud-native software architecture that avoids the limitations of legacy NAS storage systems. It brings new levels of simplicity and adaptability to your high-performance workloads without the constraints of specialised hardware.

Key highlights include:

  • Scale-out software architecture delivers consistent, low-latency performance for high-bandwidth and high-IOPs applications.
  • A cloud-native microservices architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes provides a resilient, “always on” architecture, and delivers new features and fixes rapidly with less risk.
  • Automated storage management allows a cluster to be scaled or modified without user intervention and the need for advanced IT skills.
  • Self-healing, self-balancing software automatically rebuilds data in the background while also rebalancing data as storage clusters expand, shrink, and change.
  • Inline data deduplication and compression reduce the cost of flash storage and improve data efficiencies relative to legacy storage platforms.
  • Simplified data protection and recovery through built-in snapshots, clones, snapshot recovery tools, and rollback capabilities.


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