Thursday, May 23, 2024

National Broadcaster of Wales Signs Five Year Hybrid Cloud Contract

BBC Cymru Wales, the national broadcaster of Wales is further investing in its 10 year relationship with Object Matrix, by signing a new five year hybrid cloud contract to upgrade its existing MatrixStore on-prem infrastructure.

BBC Cymru Wales had been an Object Matrix customer since 2010 when 200TB of MatrixStore On-Prem was deployed as a nearline storage platform for the critically acclaimed Human Planet series. Following its success, the capacity footprint increased to 1.5 petabytes and workflows grew to include Avid Interplay PAM archiving as well as Telestream Vantage content transformation. This was implemented to provide instant access to backup and archived content to teams.

The national broadcaster has recently moved to its new headquarters located at Central Square in Cardiff and has experienced a sharp increase in production. These factors meant that there was a need to upgrade its existing on-premises MatrixStore storage. There was also a need to support working from anywhere, and so additional hybrid cloud workflows were required to ensure external team members could access content with ease.

MatrixStore Hybrid enables organisations to choose the most efficient mix of MatrixStore On-Prem, MatrixStore Cloud or public cloud storage platforms to create a unified storage platform for the business.

The upgrade to its existing MatrixStore infrastructure will enable the organisation to protect more content in various on-premise workflows at Central Square. It will also enable remote team members to self-serve content from MatrixStore Cloud using the intuitive Vision browser.

Nick Pearce, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix said, “When we talk about being pioneers of object storage technology in the media industry, we cite BBC Cymru Wales,BT or Gorilla which have all been fantastic customers for over a decade. During that time, we have strived to improve our technology, support and commercial offerings, to ensure that they meet the current and future needs of our customer community. When we launched the MatrixStore Cloud and Hybrid solutions, it was in reaction to our customers needing more flexibility and scalability as well as the increasing importance of global collaboration. That was, of course, accelerated in 2020 and we are delighted to be able to provide those services and continue working with the team at its amazing new facility.”

The configuration being deployed includes two petabytes of MatrixStore On-Prem object storage, one petabyte of MatrixStore Cloud, Vision and move23 applications.


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