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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Next Level Digital Content Storage – EcoDigital’s DIVA V8

EcoDigital has launched its largest DIVA version release – DIVA V8. DIVA content storage management (CSM) is one of the market’s leading and most trusted brands and is represented by Magna Systems and Engineering.

DIVA V8 is the result of EcoDigital’s client feedback along with focus and investment in realising the market need. Leveraging a brand new user experience platform, DIVA V8 provides new reporting plus analytical and operational capabilities to help manage complex rich media ecosystems, allowing customers to gain full control of the entire life cycle of their digital content.

DIVA puts the power of customers’ digital content back into their own hands. It optimises costs and simplifies management of even the most complex environments. Agnostic to data storage technologies, solutions are easily scalable from single-server disk-only architectures to larger systems that combine different storage tiers and technologies, all with infinite capacities. The combination of different storage technologies and content migration processes enables customers to balance response time, performance, and cost, and allows the environment to scale as needs increase.

Ingrained in a deep commitment to continuous improvement, EcoDigital designed DIVA V8 to bring improved analytical reporting capabilities, proactive notifications and alerts, AXF native file and folder support, and additional storage tiers.

“EcoDigital is ecstatic to announce our most ambitious upgrade to the DIVA brand since its inception,” said EcoDigital CEO Justin Ririe. “The strategic, client-based feedback we have received over the last year coupled with our research and development team’s drive and vision has been remarkable. This has truly shaped this release to meet clients’ needs and lay a new foundation for the future of media and entertainment content management technology.”

“EcoDigital has employed a client-focused approach to achieve the asset management goals for media content for our clients and business partners,” said David Gonce, Chief Revenue Officer of EcoDigital. “We have deployed a global team of dedicated account executives to work closely with our clients and channel partners. EcoDigital will be laser-focused on the unique needs of our clients and partners as we continue to build enduring relationships.”

“DIVA V8 is the result of years of feedback from our customers and intense research and development,” said Geoff Tognetti, Chief Technology Officer at EcoDigital. “DIVA Command, our new standalone user experience platform, is much more than a long overdue facelift for our products. New content reports and analytics, system alerts, and management tools provide customers the means not just to manage their systems and content, but better understand them. In addition DIVA V8 brings significant new features such as filesystem support for disk-based objects and expanded support for cloud providers, with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud joining AWS as supported cloud environments. We’re also excited for the future and to share what our new R&D will soon bring.”


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