Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Object Matrix and Resilio Partner to Optimise Content Collaboration

Object Matrix, a provider of object storage solutions to the broadcast and media industries, has partnered with Resilio, a data synchronisation and file delivery solutions for global enterprises and media companies.

The combination of Object Matrix with Resilio provides users with the ability to rapidly synchronise files whilst ensuring that access to their media assets is secure, efficient, and simple. This is a critical aspect for broadcast and media organisations who are operating in a fast-moving, highly competitive digital environment where every second counts.

Resilio Connect securely unifies the edge, core, and cloud, enabling IT to gain control of globally distributed assets, automate data management, and accelerate transfer performance by up to 20x over conventional tools, across any location and network. Resilio’s real-time P2P file replication is popular with post-production professionals as a solution to sync massive files – for example 4k and 8k videos, interactive media or video game developer builds and more – with partners and remote offices, plus empowers the new generation of dispersed remote-work teams.

Integrated with Object Matrix’s MatrixStore, object storage solution, users can access their content securely from anywhere, at any time. With built-in security, analytics, and intuitive interfaces, MatrixStore delivers operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows.

The partnership provides organisations in the broadcast and media industry with the ability to automate, visualise, and accelerate file delivery 10x faster across any server environment, whilst benefiting from a secure way to store their media archive.

Mark Habberfield, Global Sales Engineer at Object Matrix commented: “Resllio adds great end user functionality to the MatrixStore Cloud S3 interface, providing fast, intelligent, media syncing to secure, feature rich MatrixStore. Having a similar customer focused mindset makes for easy collaboration between our teams.”

Josh Sargent, Vice President of Partnerships at Resilio said: “Moving and syncing large media files is a daily challenge for creative and post-production professionals. Object Matrix is an inspiring innovator in this ecosystem and has a reputation for delivering robust solutions for mission-critical data. We’re excited to integrate Resilio with Object Matrix to bring our ultra-fast and scalable peer-to-peer file synchronisation technology to the innovative MatrixStore platform.”


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