Monday, May 27, 2024

Object Matrix Disrupts Storage Market with Innovative Support Offerings

Object Matrix has announced what its says are a range of groundbreaking commercial updates.

The updated commercial offerings, including capped support and new five or seven year support options, provide customers with the benefit of long term predictable operational costs, something not available today from many storage vendors or public cloud offerings.

In reaction to organisations seeking to get the best long term return from their technology investments, Object Matrix is now offering extended support terms on MatrixStore capacity packs in on-prem, private or hybrid cloud deployments. Customers can select a five or seven year support package, giving them the assurance that their data is kept securely in a solution that is built for sustainability.

Object Matrix is also rolling out its capped support scheme that a number of customers have adopted in the last 24 months. Capped support enables Object Matrix customers to grow their MatrixStore object storage installations without being penalised with more operational costs the following year. This also provides long term operational budget predictability, something CFOs have been seeking for many years.

Nick Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director and Co-founder, Object Matrix, commented: “In the media industry, and beyond, many companies feel the pressure to purchase new storage platforms after three years as suppliers increase the cost of support to unaffordable levels. This may well be necessary in super high-performance computing environments but for tier two and archive storage it is neither appropriate nor sustainable.

In these uncertain times, our customers need long term predictable financial planning for their CAPEX and OPEX budgets. By introducing the longer term capped levels of support our customers have the security of knowing they can access support for longer, helping extend the longevity of their storage without needing to upgrade unnecessarily.”

Support packages have been extended for the on-premises, private and hybrid cloud instances of MatrixStore object storage.


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