Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Object Matrix Expands Partner Network with New Integrations

Object Matrix has announced a series of new technical partnerships, including integrations with Hiscale, MASV, Pebble Beach Systems, and Drastic Technologies. The partnerships will enhance workflows and infrastructure for MatrixStore customers and demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to technical innovation.

Object Matrix provides media focused object storage solutions to organisations that need to manage video assets or rich media files. Its flagship solution, MatrixStore, enables organisations to benefit financially and operationally from modernising video archive workflows and providing instant access to all media assets from anywhere. With built-in security, analytics, and intuitive interfaces, MatrixStore delivers operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows.

Software development company Hiscale, has integrated its flexible transcoding solution, FLICS, with MatrixStore, providing users with a scalable transcoding solution that can manage instances across various platforms. As a result of the partnership, broadcast, media and entertainment companies can easily and quickly access transcoding and proxy workflows whilst benefiting from a secure media archiving solution.

Object Matrix has partnered with the large file transfer platform, MASV, to provide an integrated file transfer storage solution for the broadcast and media industry. The combination of these technologies brings together size, speed, security, and stability, using Object Matrix’s file system interface, S3Connect, which enables the user to read and write data and metadata to MatrixStore object storage.

Pebble Beach Systems, a leader in broadcast playout automation, has integrated its automated, channel, IP, and virtualised playout technology with MatrixStore. This will provide users with the ability to deliver highly automated, integrated video for ingest, channel branding, and frame-accurate multi-channel playout. The partnership has created an accessible avenue for broadcast media companies, who need to schedule multi-channel broadcasting, with seamlessly efficient access to their archived media assets.

Post-production and sports broadcasting solutions developer, Drastic Technologies, has partnered with Object Matrix to provide users with the ability to organise and streamline their post-production and broadcast media. The integration enables users to access their content securely from anywhere, at any time, whilst ensuring that any access to assets is secure, efficient, and simple.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, commented: “Object Matrix is committed to building a comprehensive partner network with media, content, and software developers, delivering integrations that streamline workflows for our customers. These new partnerships further enhance security, automation, and orchestration tasks, and it is a pleasure to be working with these companies to continue building and solving customer requirements together.”

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