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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Radio România Upgrades Archiving Activities With NOA

Romania’s public radio broadcaster, Radio România recently ordered four N7000c audio ingest frontend units from AV digitising and archiving specialist NOA GmbH.

The N7000c AD/DA hardware audio interface is an innovative compact and full-featured hardware device that streamlines audio ingest. It offers the security of Bit-proof control, making it possible to eliminate interstitial errors by simply creating checksums in the DSP of the N7000c and comparing them with the written sound file.

For Radio România, the compact, AoIP-compatible N7000c units, which feature comprehensive digital de-emphasis curve recognition, replace the broadcaster’s older NOA N6000 audio ingest systems.

Used in combination with the NOA mediARC archive asset management system, the N7000c is the frontend interface of the NOA Record and will allow Radio România to record audio with no interstitial errors and streamline the archiving process even further, thanks to its advanced Bit-proof technology.

Dan Barabas, Radio România CTO explains that it was an obvious move to enhance its archiving workflow by investing in N7000 hardware from NOA. “We’ve been successfully working with NOA archiving technology since 2009, and this was the next logical step to ensure the preservation of Romania’s great sound heritage,” he said.

“NOA mediARC has proven to be a sustainable archive system for decades now,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA. “It’s brilliant to see so many institutions take notice of just how important the audio ingest process really is.”

The N7000c is a cost-effective solution for audio transfers and accepts up to four simultaneous connections to analog replay devices. It delivers outstanding dynamic range, classic preamp modelling, as well as many other advanced features for audio archive professionals.

Connections to player devices can be via RS232, 9pin and CAT5 through an integrated DANTE interface, which allows users to connect the laptop to the network to get eight uncompressed 192kHz linear streams without needing PCI cards.

NOA will deliver the N7000c units to Radio România in Q2 of this year.

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