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Monday, June 17, 2024

Radio Television of Serbia Enhances Workflow with NOA

AV digitising and archiving specialist NOA GmbH has won a major contract with Radio Televizija Srbije (RTS), the national radio and television broadcaster of Serbia.

The media house has purchased a mediARC archive asset management solution to streamline its central archiving workflow process. The order comprises the core elements of the mediARC, which are a mediARC GUI, mediARC ProcessorHost, NOA MediaButler, NOA Storage Connector, NOA DB Scripter and a four-channel NOA Record.

RTS’ CTO Mrs. Zorana Bojcic explains that following the purchase of a NOA Record ingestLINE in 2018, the broadcaster decided to extend the potential of its in-house archiving solution by adding MediARC.

“The NOA Record IngestLINE helps us to greatly simplify our archiving process, said Mrs. Bojcic. “We realised that it was now time to go one step further and invest in a complete archive management system. Hence, we opted for NOA’s MediARC.”

NOA began the multi-phase project in collaboration with systems integrator Kompany, three years ago and has completed a major part of the installation at RTS headquarters in Belgrade. RTS is the first broadcaster in the region to implement this NOA technology.

“The Radio Television of Serbia quickly understood the need to upgrade from a pure workflow method to a real archive asset management solution with mediARC,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA managing partner. “We are happy to facilitate their efforts by providing a system that gives them the key to fulfilling long-term archival principles.”

NOA mediARC allows users to enrich legacy essence with content-related information and store it inside a central repository, where it will remain for many years. At present, more than 10.000 seats around the world rely on NOA mediARC to manage up to two million searchable metadata items and media objects per installation. These institutions include national archives and broadcasters in Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and the United Arab Emirates.

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