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SDVI’s Rally Shows Media Companies Accelerating to the Cloud

SDVI, the platform provider for cloud-native media supply chains, reports that its Rally media supply chain platform processed over 300 million jobs in 2021, representing a 102% increase in usage over 2020. Those jobs were performed on a total of 32.6 million hours of content as it passed through Rally-managed supply chains. Continuing the trajectory established in the first half of the year, the doubling in jobs processed by Rally illustrates the dramatic shift among media businesses toward cloud-based media supply chain infrastructure to drive efficiencies and increase business agility.

Highlights of Rally job activity include:

  • Analysis jobs (using Rally’s media analysis engine to extract and catalog metadata) increased 173% to 38 million jobs.
  • Evaluation jobs (using Rally’s decision engine to interpret metadata and make supply chain determinations) increased to 145 million jobs, which equates to 145 million supply chain decisions made automatically without human involvement.
  • Processing jobs (using Rally’s Application Services) are led by the top four categories of audio and video transform, QC, AI/ML tools, and captioning services. Transform continued to be the dominant category, representing two-thirds of all Application Services jobs.
  • Interestingly, caption jobs grew more than ninefold as multi-language delivery requirements have grown to be a meaningful share of the supply chain work required.
  • Export jobs (using Rally’s data mover to transfer content to a delivery endpoint) more than doubled compared with 2020, driven by the need to deliver more content to more endpoints.

Along with automated jobs, Rally also managed 675,000 manual workorders, which represent actions needed by operators to address exceptions when flagged by automated processes. Of the 2.8 million long-form assets that passed through Rally-managed supply chains in 2021, 74% were handled without any human touch.

From a sustainability perspective, SDVI says Rally continues to utilise compute resources more efficiently. In 2021, Rally’s use of cloud compute resources per hour increased by only 7%, while the content hours processed increased by 76%, resulting in a 39% reduction of compute resources per content hour. Rally did all its work with the same amount of cloud compute resources as would have taken 12,940 dual-quadcore-CPU servers running in customer datacenters. This work will also be completely carbon-neutral, as earlier this year SDVI introduced a program to offset all emissions and operate Rally-managed supply chains with a net-zero carbon footprint.

Finally, to support both increased usage and new use cases, SDVI added 12 new applications to its portfolio of Rally Application Services during 2021, bringing the total number of applications available on a consumption basis to 48.

The SDVI Rally media supply chain platform manages and optimises the work required to prepare content from ingest to delivery. The platform deploys all the applications and infrastructure required for each job in the supply chain, and it automatically scales resources up or down depending on the job requirements. In addition to freeing users from traditional infrastructure constraints, Rally empowers business leaders to make smart business decisions quickly and accelerate time to revenue.

“In the dynamic media market, media companies need the competitive advantage that comes with flexible, automated media supply chains in order to meet ever-rising consumer expectations for more content,” said Lawrence Kaplan, president and CEO of SDVI. “As the numbers show, the amount of content being processed is astounding, providing even more evidence that virtualised, cloud-based media supply chains are really the only way to meet this ever-growing demand.”

Industry leaders such as Comcast, Discovery, Sky, Paramount, and WarnerMedia leverage Rally to gain flexible access to the right tools for every job without compromising control or the security of their content and infrastructure. Usage figures for the Rally platform from 2021 underscore the immense and accelerating shift these and other media companies — both large and small — are making toward agile, elastic infrastructures to increase efficiency of their media factories.


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