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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

SGO Upgrades Mistika Workflows

SGO released an upgrade of its Media Management, Transcoding and Delivery solution Mistika Workflows, adding several new features to further optimise content delivery processes and Metadata Management.

One of the major emphasis of the latest developments are intelligent functionalities facilitating end-to-end metadata integration in the trending post-production workflows.

“Efficient and meticulous metadata management has become the industry standard and requirement for every (post) facility delivering content to OTT platforms or major distribution companies,” comments Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO and the “brain” behind Mistika Workflows. “The newly integrated set of dedicated features provides the users with absolute control to completely automate and customise their metadata management tasks.”

Maintaining relevant metadata throughout the whole post pipeline, or even modify and add the details to the metadata file, such as production team, scene or recording information.

The ability to export the metadata to an XMP or CSV format, unlocks the communication with other post software, such as DaVinci Resolve or Silverstack.

As a complement to fully automated metadata management, a new token system has been added to the Name Convention. This smart tool enables the creation of dynamic name conventions and paths based on the file’s metadata. Users can select among several different tokens, such as resolution, color space or framerate.

Media management is another big focus of this latest release, introducing new features that further facilitate delivery processes. With the new Smart Conform filtering, Mistika Workflows is now capable of exclusively conforming the files that have been used in the final edit, filtering from XML, EDL or AAF files.

Media can now also be classified by extension, with the ability to add/remove the extensions by the user’s preference.

Additional features allowing the manipulation of media have also been added to Mistika Workflows. 3D LUTs can now be applied to your media automatically, being generated in Mistika Boutique or in any other program. With the framing node you’re now able to automatically apply any of the framing operations to your media, including resolution change, transform, rescale and crop.

This version of Mistika Workflows also includes render farm integration, currently supporting Deadline. RND support has also been added, opening unlimited ways of its implementation and facilitating the automation of the repetitive tasks. For example – users can save a specific stitch they performed in Mistika VR or Boutique as an .rnd file and then batch apply it to as many files as needed. The same philosophy applies for the VFX, Color Management and other tasks.

Several new features for virtual production and immersive media workflows include automatic stitch refiner feature, STMaps application and 7th Sense integration.


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