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Sunday, July 14, 2024

SNS Cloud VPN Keeps Your Team Connected to EVO Anywhere

SNS Cloud VPN – the safe, secure, and convenient way to connect to EVO remotely – is a solution for remote and hybrid on-site/off-site workflows. Available exclusively for EVO users, your VPN can be up and running in under an hour with rapid remote deployment included.

Connect to EVO from Anywhere

In the studio, at home, or on the go, your creative team needs continuous access to their media and projects. SNS Cloud VPN is the safe, secure, and convenient way for your team to access, download, and edit their shared files remotely.

No more shuttling drives around when an editor is out sick or panicking that your flight is delayed and your project files are miles away. SNS Cloud VPN keeps your media at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Work Remotely with SNS Cloud VPN

SNS Cloud VPN connects your authorised users to your EVO shared storage system remotely. With no per-seat pricing, you can add unlimited remote users to SNS Cloud VPN so your media team – or your entire company – can work from anywhere.

Rapid Deployment

Tired of waiting days or weeks to get a VPN set up? The SNS Cloud VPN service comes with free rapid deployment so your entire team can get connected in under an hour. Yes, that’s enterprise-wide VPN connectivity to EVO in less than 60 minutes.

Plus, expert engineers will train you on how to add users, monitor usage, and manage your VPN dashboard – so once you’re set up, you’re set for anything.


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