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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Storware 6.0 Now Officially Available

Storware, a provider of data protection solutions, is excited to introduce Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0, the latest release of its advanced data protection software. With significant features, this version establishes a new benchmark for comprehensive and efficient backup and recovery software.

v6.0 What’s new:

  • One of the key highlights of Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0 is the introduction of OS agent support for Linux and Windows. While Storware has primarily embraced an agent-less approach, the inclusion of OS agents allows users to protect their systems at the file level, offering enhanced flexibility and control over data backup operations. 
  • Another significant addition in this release is the technical preview of tape support. Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0 introduces the Tape Manager component, designed to streamline and simplify tape-related operations. 
  • OpenShift users also receive a massive enhancement – OpenShift Virtualisation support. Now you can protect virtual machines in your OpenShift environment like in any other platform.
  • Moreover – for regular container deployments – now supporting Stateful Sets.
  • To address evolving user needs, Storware has also included support for OpenNebula in version 6.0. 
  • Microsoft 365 users will also feel the difference – now the backup destination handling is centralised, so all backup providers previously supported only for VMs, Storage, and Applications, can also be used for M365 data.
  • Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0 not only encompasses these major features but also includes numerous additional enhancements. It covers additional RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) objects, introduces a new wizard for DD Boost backup destination creation, supports Keycloak integration, and offers automatic clean-up of virtual machines after an instant restore mount is no longer necessary.


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